The October 43 Newsletter

Giving and Receiving – A New 43 Newsletter Section

Many of you will have read the article in last month’s 43 Newsletter lighting ways to overcome reticence when asking for money to help maintain and open up the premises at 43. Inspired by this, and more particularly by Deb’s story of the pleasure and success of raising money for Garden Room work by offering the service of carpet cleaning in exchange for donations, we are beginning a new service column in the newsletter: Giving and Receiving. In this, anyone interested can specify the service they are looking for, or offering, and also the amount to be donated, if they so choose. A fair basis for donations might be the living wage of £10 per hour. For example:

Apart from ensuring that we manage to make the Meeting House premises more sustainable, a bit of G & R service offers a fun way to share our talents and get to know other Quakers in a new context. Win Win. We await your requests for services or offers in number for the November issue of 43 Newsletter! Juliet Henderson

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