Online Quaker resources to explore during the lockdown

Neopithecops zalmora, also known as Quaker. Dr Raju Kasambe CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Friends will have recently received a forwarded email from Tabitha Driver and David Irwin, Librarians at Friends’ House. The message provides links to a treasure-house of Quaker – and non-Quaker – resources for us to explore while meeting houses and their libraries are closed.

The list is extensive, even daunting, and many sites are definitely for specialists and researchers. However, I have dabbled in some of them, and suggest the following if you are looking for informative and/or inspirational Quaker texts:

Some of these sites have a slightly out-of-date look and feel, and some of their links to resources are broken, but it’s worth persevering – you are sure to find a nugget here and there.

I also enjoyed browsing the photos of Quaker Meeting Houses taken by John Hall. They’re on Flickr at Click ‘Albums’ for a county-by-county journey through our architecture past and present.

And just for fun, I typed “Quaker” into Wikimedia Commons (, another site in the “Images online” section. The first page of results included an illustration of a 19th-century American nursery song, “Quaker courtship” (no connection with Friends!) and the above photo of a rather delicate butterfly from SE Asia, which has the common name “Quaker.” I thought it an aptly colourful illustration for this post.