Zoom into Friday with Friends and Enquirers’ Meetings

Two of our popular regular events are moving online while the coronavirus lockdown is in force. The Zoom URLs and codes are the same as for Sunday morning Meetings for Worship. If you don’t already have the codes, please email office@oxfordquakers.org

Friday with Friends

Friday 17th April at 7pm
Spirituality & Mathematics: Participants will be invited to engage in some tasks through which they might get a taste of “imminent transcendence.” Exercises will be different in substance from our previous session. No previous mathematical success required!

Enquirers’ Meetings

Wednesday 22nd April at 7:30pm
Quakers & Purpose: where do we find purpose for doing things, as Quakers? Is there a purpose for our lives? For human life?

Wednesday 20th May at 7:30pm
Quakers and Suffering: What is the Meeting for Sufferings, why was its purpose, and what does it do now? How Quakers try to ameliorate suffering.