A Quaker Chaplain at St Hilda’s College

On 20th August St Hilda’s College announced that Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci, a member of Oxford Meeting, has been appointed as College Chaplain and the inaugural Director of the College multi-faith space. Earlier this year the College’s Governing Body took the decision to move from providing a specifically Christian chapel to creating a multi-faith room, known as The Sanctuary. This is part of an initiative at St Hilda’s to explore an imaginative and inclusive approach to chaplaincy in the context of a diverse community that is fully committed to the principles of equality and mutual respect among its members.

An historian by training, Meryem has studied at universities in Turkey, Syria, the UK and Italy. Her research focuses on silence and silences, with a particular interest in the history of silence surrounding the Armenian genocide. She is currently completing a book entitled Reading Silences: Essays on Women, Memory and War in 20th Century Turkey, to be published by Degruyter early next year.

We understand that Meryem is the first Quaker to be appointed as Chaplain of an Oxford College. She will be working alongside Tas Cooper, the Quaker Chaplain of Oxford University, to develop events for students at the Meeting House.

(This article is based on a more detailed news item published on St Hilda’s College website.)