Introducing ‘blended’ Meetings for Worship

Friends will be pleased to learn that, as a place of worship, the Meeting House is exempt from the Government’s new ‘rule of six.’ Our recently reinstated in-house meetings can therefore continue.

Also on the ‘good news’ theme, we now have technology installed in the Meeting House to enable Friends attending in person to worship together with those taking part via Zoom. The Garden Room and/or Library will be available for unconnected quiet worship for those who prefer.

A reminder to Friends who wish to worship in no. 43

Spaces are limited, and all places must be booked in advance. This helps welcomers who need to keep attendance records for the test and trace programme. You can now book up to the day of the meeting. You can book in three ways: 

  • Online: at Oxford Meeting’s Eventbrite page:
    Our Eventbrite page shows each meeting with a different image. Just click on the event and fill in a few simple details. If all spaces are taken Eventbrite will not accept your booking.
  • By phone: (01865) 557373
  • By email:

At Meeting…

Welcomers will check your name off on their list when you arrive for Meeting. They will also encourage Friends to remember social distancing to keep us all safe. Friends are asked to leave as soon after meeting as possible. Please remember we are not offering refreshments at this stage.