New additions to the Library

Friends may be interested to learn of some new acquisitions by the Meeting House library, a number of which are particularly timely in Black History Month. The full list is:

  • Christianity:
    • Bayfield, Tony: Deep calls to deep: transforming conversations between Jews and Christians
  • Quaker History:
    • Pares, Susan: Displaced by war: Gertrude Powicke
    • Pearce, Cyril: Communities of resistance: conscience and dissent
    • Pearce, Cyril: Comrades in conscience: an English community
  • Pastoral Care:
    • Wootton, Sarah & Riley, Lloyd: Last rights: the case for assisted dying
  • Social Issues:
    • Eddo-Lodge, Reni: Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race
    • Eisenstein, Charles: Sacred economics: money, gift and society
    • Hirsch, Afua: Brit(ish): on race, identity and belonging
    • Lammy, David: Tribes: how our need to belong can break society
    • Saad, Layla F & DiAngelo, Robin: Me and white supremacy: how to recognise your privilege

The Library is open for borrowing: for guidance on how to request a book, please visit Using our Library.