Arrangements from 7th December 2020

Chris White, Clerk to Elders, writes:

Elders are pleased to report that our Friends Meeting House has now re-opened for in-person Meetings for Worship, combining with our current Meetings for Worship already occurring on Zoom.

For our two Meetings on a Sunday, the Friends in the Meeting House will continue to greet those worshipping at 9.30 and 11.00 via Zoom, but then will close the internet link so that the Meetings can continue separately for their period of silent worship.

For our Meetings that occur midweek (Young Adult Friends, Tuesday and Thursday Breakfast Meetings, and Wednesday Lunchtime Meetings) we expect them to continue in their usual blended manner, (although discretion can be used by convenors as to whether to blend for each meeting).

We are also planning to hold a Meeting for Worship on Christmas Day at 10.30 via Zoom and in the Meeting House following the same new format – an opening greeting before separate group worship in the Meeting House in parallel with Friends worshipping via Zoom.

For further information, including how to book for an in-person Meeting, please see Meetings for Worship During the Coronavirus Pandemic.