Suspension of Meetings for Worship at 43 St Giles from January 2021 onwards

Following guidance from Britain Yearly Meeting, Oxford Meeting set up a “Covid Group” at the first lockdown in March 2020. This group of Friends includes our Convenor of Elders, a Clerk of the Meeting, Clerk of Premises and Finance and the office staff. They consult and review decisions affecting the holding and running of Meetings for worship regularly.

In early January, in light of increasing risks from the new coronavirus variants, the group decided that No. 43 and the Meeting House should be closed to public Meetings for Worship for January.  Although cases in our area are now slowly reducing, Oxford is still reporting above average daily cases and the situation remains critical. Therefore, the Covid group has decided that the Meeting House should remain closed to the public for February and intends to review the situation again at the end of February.

 Meetings for Worship continue via Zoom, and many Friends hold quiet meetings in their own homes. In addition, the office staff invite you to join their ‘open office’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.30-11am for coffee and chat on Zoom.

Our Pastoral Care group is doing great work supporting, and keeping in touch with, Friends by phone, and we can all join in by giving someone a call.

We understand that for a small number of Friends this feels particularly isolating. Office staff will remain in touch with these Friends to support them over this period.