43 St Giles to Reopen for In-Person Meetings for Worship from 14th March

Chris White, Co-Clerk of Elders, writes:

Elders are pleased to report that our Friends’ Meeting House will soon re-open for in-person Meetings for Worship; our current Meetings for Worship on Zoom will continue. 

In-person Meetings will begin on Sunday 14th March, starting with our Meeting for Worship at 9.30 and followed by our Meeting for Worship at 11.00. The fFriends in the Meeting House will continue to greet those worshipping at 9.30 and 11.00 via Zoom, but then will close the internet link so that the Meetings can continue separately for their period of silent worship.

We expect our midweek Meetings (Young Adult Friends, Tuesday and Thursday breakfast, and Wednesday lunchtime) to continue on Zoom. However, convenors can exercise their discretion as to whether to hold an in-person Meeting at No. 43 concurrently with the online gathering.

Our usual social distancing and cleaning practices will continue. fFriends will register for each meeting for track-and-trace purposes; wear masks except when ministering; and then clean chairs, toilets etc. after the meeting. See also Meetings for Worship During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For fFriends planning to return to the Meeting House we will be very grateful for assistance in welcoming at the beginning of Meeting and for general assistance in cleaning, neither of which is onerous. If you are happy to assist, please contact me: cpcwhite@hotmail.com