June 2021: Calendar & Noticeboard


These diary dates are in addition to our regular Sunday Meetings for Worship. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are on Zoom. Meeting IDs are usually the same as for Afterword gatherings on Zoom.

(and venue where applicable)
Sun 6th12:15–14:00Meeting for Worship for Business
Tues 8th 16:00 and
“Living in the Spirit” conversation
Weds 9th 19:00–21:00Elders’ meetings
NB This uses the Meeting ID for Sunday MfW
Sat 12th–
Sun 13th
All DayOSAM E’s and O’s Weekend,
Charney Manor
Mon 14th 16:00–18:00Poems in the Library (i.e. on Zoom)
Weds 16th 18:30–19:30Finance Team
Tues 22nd 16:00 and
“Living in the Spirit” conversation
Mon 28th 17:30–19:00Coordinating Group

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