Introducing ‘blended’ Meetings for Worship

Friends will be pleased to learn that, as a place of worship, the Meeting House is exempt from the Government’s new ‘rule of six.’ Our recently reinstated in-house meetings can therefore continue. Also on the ‘good news’ theme, we now have technology installed in the Meeting House to enable Friends attending in person to worshipContinue reading “Introducing ‘blended’ Meetings for Worship”

A Quaker Chaplain at St Hilda’s College

On 20th August St Hilda’s College announced that Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci, a member of Oxford Meeting, has been appointed as College Chaplain and the inaugural Director of the College multi-faith space. Earlier this year the College’s Governing Body took the decision to move from providing a specifically Christian chapel to creating a multi-faith room,Continue reading “A Quaker Chaplain at St Hilda’s College”

Quakers and silence: a short talk by Deb Arrowsmith

Deb recently recorded a short (3 minutes) introductory talk about Quakers and silence for Radio Oxford. It offers thoughtful listening even if you are a longstanding Friend. When you click the ‘Listen…’ link below, a new tab will open in your browser. If the talk doesn’t start automatically, click the ‘play’ icon. When the talkContinue reading “Quakers and silence: a short talk by Deb Arrowsmith”

Forty-Three: September issue now online

Once again, Forty-Three has been published in digital format only. Friends who normally receive their issue by email will have done so; a copy is also available on the Forty-Three Newsletter page. We are aware that some Friends don’t have internet access, so if you know someone who would appreciate receiving a paper copy, pleaseContinue reading “Forty-Three: September issue now online”

In-house Meetings for Worship have restarted

In-house Meetings for Worship have restarted, with both Sunday meetings and weekday meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you are planning to come to any meeting, please note the following: You will need to book in advance: see below. We will be keeping doors and windows open, so please remember to bring extra clothing.Continue reading “In-house Meetings for Worship have restarted”

Plans for re-opening the Meeting House are under way

Chris White writes on behalf of Elders: We are writing to share with you the planning process for the re-opening of 43 for Meetings for Worship, especially in the light of the news from the Government that places of worship can re-open from July 4th.  Before we can re-open we will need to have in place measures that enableContinue reading “Plans for re-opening the Meeting House are under way”

Zoom into Friday with Friends and Enquirers’ Meetings

Two of our popular regular events are moving online while the coronavirus lockdown is in force. The Zoom URLs and codes are the same as for Sunday morning Meetings for Worship. If you don’t already have the codes, please email Friday with Friends Friday 17th April at 7pmSpirituality & Mathematics: Participants will be invited toContinue reading “Zoom into Friday with Friends and Enquirers’ Meetings”

Online Quaker resources to explore during the lockdown

Friends will have recently received a forwarded email from Tabitha Driver and David Irwin, Librarians at Friends’ House. The message provides links to a treasure-house of Quaker – and non-Quaker – resources for us to explore while meeting houses and their libraries are closed. The list is extensive, even daunting, and many sites are definitelyContinue reading “Online Quaker resources to explore during the lockdown”