Beansprouts children’s meeting is for babies and toddlers up to age 3. We meet in the Retreat Room, which is upstairs. There is lots of time to play together, and we often have a short story or song on a theme related to Quaker values. Depending on our ages, we may have a short period of quiet worship. Beansprouts children’s meeting is at 10:30 on the first Sunday of the month, and 11:00 on all other Sundays.

The first time a child comes to Beansprouts, their parent(s)/carer(s) will be asked to complete a form with some basic details. The child can then stay in children’s meeting on their own. Parent(s)/carer(s) don’t have to attend the main Meeting for Worship, but they must stay on the Meeting House premises.

We all come into the main Meeting for Worship ten minutes before the end, and join with the adults in the gathered silence.  At the end of the main Meeting for Worship, we tell everybody else about what we have done in children’s meeting. We stay in the Meeting House and listen to the notices and announcements.

In August, Beansprouts and Sunflowers are combined into one group, and we play together.