Meetings for Worship During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This information is based on the Government’s rules in place on 3rd November 2020. It will be updated to reflect future changes, but there may be a delay.

Meetings for Worship continue to be held at the usual times. However, during the period of lockdown beginning on Thursday 5th November, the Meeting House is closed for the purposes of worship. Friends are only able to worship in the following ways:

  • Online or via your telephone, using Zoom
  • In the quiet of your own home at the normal meeting times, but without connecting to Zoom

In addition, Woodbrooke organises online Meetings for Worship

Worshipping via Zoom

If you are new both to Oxford Quakers and to Zoom, you may find the page First Time at Meeting via Zoom? helpful.

The Meeting Identity is the same for all but one Meeting throughout the week.* The Zoom codes and telephone numbers are:

The Zoom room is open during the following periods:

Sunday: both Meetings (also business meetings on 1st Sunday)9:00am onwards
Monday: Young Adult Friends 7:45-9:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday: early Meetings7:00-9:00am
Wednesday: lunchtime Meeting11:45am onwards

* The exception is the ‘Afterword’ gathering from 10.15–12.45 following on from Sunday Meetings, for which the Zoom codes are: