July 2021: Calendar & Noticeboard


These diary dates are in addition to our regular Sunday Meetings for Worship. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are on Zoom. Meeting IDs are usually the same as for Afterword gatherings on Zoom.

(and venue where applicable)
Sun 4th12:15–14:00Meeting for Worship for Business
Tues 6th19:00First Tuesday group
Sat 10th10:30-12:30Area Meeting AGM
(NB no afternoon spiritual nurture session)
Mon 12th16:00–18:00Poems in the Library (i.e. on Zoom):
‘work and play’
Tues 13th 16:00-17:00“Living in the Spirit” conversation
Wed 14th 19:00–21:00Elders’ meeting
NB This uses the Meeting ID for Sunday MfW
Wed 21st 18:30–19:30Finance Team
Mon 26th 17:30–19:00Coordinating Group
Tues 27th16:00-17:00“Living in the Spirit” conversation

Community Noticeboard

Masks and social distancing at the Meeting House following the lifting of Covid restrictions

The Meeting’s Covid Safety Group writes:

Following the lifting of Covid restrictions on 19th July, we encourage anyone attending our Meetings for Worship in person at 43 St Giles to continue taking care of others in our community, by wearing a face mask indoors if possible and maintaining physical distancing.

We ask everyone who can to check into the venue on their smartpone using the QR code displayed in the entrance lobby. We have wall-mounted hand sanitisers in each room, and we encourage hand-washing or sanitising, and ventilating spaces between meetings.   Cleaning materials are available in rooms and additional cleaning is carried out according to usage of rooms.

June 2021: Calendar & Noticeboard


These diary dates are in addition to our regular Sunday Meetings for Worship. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are on Zoom. Meeting IDs are usually the same as for Afterword gatherings on Zoom.

(and venue where applicable)
Sun 6th12:15–14:00Meeting for Worship for Business
Tues 8th 16:00 and
“Living in the Spirit” conversation
Weds 9th 19:00–21:00Elders’ meetings
NB This uses the Meeting ID for Sunday MfW
Sat 12th–
Sun 13th
All DayOSAM E’s and O’s Weekend,
Charney Manor
Mon 14th 16:00–18:00Poems in the Library (i.e. on Zoom)
Weds 16th 18:30–19:30Finance Team
Tues 22nd 16:00 and
“Living in the Spirit” conversation
Mon 28th 17:30–19:00Coordinating Group

Community Noticeboard

Forty-Three Goes Online

The editors of Forty-Three are pleased to offer the newsletter in a new online version, which you can access via News->’Forty-Three’ Newsletter in the menu bar above. 

Forty-Three was originally designed for printing, but many Friends now read it on mobile devices. However, this can lead to tedious scrolling, with print sometimes so small it is difficult to read. The online version adapts to different viewing devices, and you can easily adjust the print size. The new format also allows us to make use of a broad range of electronic features. For example, we can incorporate high-resolution images, audio tracks and videos. Also, as a reader, you can comment on individual articles.

Forty-Three continues to be available in its traditional format, both as a PDF which can be downloaded from the Home page of the new online version, and as a printed document (available from the Office).

The Calendar and Community Noticeboard are now published on the Calendar, News & Events page.

Keeping You Safe at the Meeting House and No. 43

A message from the Office…

As Covid pandemic restrictions begin to ease, this is let you know how recent changes affect us at the Meeting House and 43 St Giles. We are also drawing your attention ways of keeping all safe and secure.

Meetings for Worship

We are open for all our Meetings for Worship through the week, both in-person and on Zoom: see Meetings for Worship During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We are still limited on numbers by room capacity and social distancing. We will increase the level of cleaning in all rooms as the building use increases.

Please follow these simple guidelines when visiting us:

  • Use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure.
  • Wear a mask in the building.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • If you use the NHS smartphone app, scan the QR code displayed in the lobby of 43 to comply with Test and Trace regulations.
  • Give your name and contact details to welcomers who monitor numbers and record details for Test and Trace.

Other meetings

  • We are open for support groups meeting indoors, subject to social distancing and room capacity.
  • Our garden spaces can be booked for groups of 6 people meeting socially distanced.

It’s important to book a slot with staff, as we need to know who is in the building or gardens at any one time. Simply email the office and we can put you in the diary. Note that the office staff continue to be part-time furloughed, so it’s important to make bookings on email and, please, give us some notice.

Looking ahead (subject to confirmation by HM Government)… 

On Monday 17th May, in addition to the above:

  • We will be open for all groups of up to 6 people indoors, subject to social distancing and room capacity.
  • Our garden spaces can be booked for groups of up to 30 people meeting socially distanced.

Regarding bookings, see the notes above.

On Monday 21st June, we expect to be fully open for all groups again without restrictions on numbers.

43 St Giles to Reopen for In-Person Meetings for Worship from 14th March

Chris White, Co-Clerk of Elders, writes:

Elders are pleased to report that our Friends’ Meeting House will soon re-open for in-person Meetings for Worship; our current Meetings for Worship on Zoom will continue. 

In-person Meetings will begin on Sunday 14th March, starting with our Meeting for Worship at 9.30 and followed by our Meeting for Worship at 11.00. The fFriends in the Meeting House will continue to greet those worshipping at 9.30 and 11.00 via Zoom, but then will close the internet link so that the Meetings can continue separately for their period of silent worship.

We expect our midweek Meetings (Young Adult Friends, Tuesday and Thursday breakfast, and Wednesday lunchtime) to continue on Zoom. However, convenors can exercise their discretion as to whether to hold an in-person Meeting at No. 43 concurrently with the online gathering.

Our usual social distancing and cleaning practices will continue. fFriends will register for each meeting for track-and-trace purposes; wear masks except when ministering; and then clean chairs, toilets etc. after the meeting. See also Meetings for Worship During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For fFriends planning to return to the Meeting House we will be very grateful for assistance in welcoming at the beginning of Meeting and for general assistance in cleaning, neither of which is onerous. If you are happy to assist, please contact me: cpcwhite@hotmail.com

Temporary change to Wednesday Meetings from 10th February

Friends who attend Wednesday Meeting are going to experiment with a new time for our lunchtime meetings for a couple of months. From Wednesday 10th February, we will meet from 11.30am to 12.15pm. We hope that this change may enable Friends who live in care homes to fit in our Meeting for Worship before their lunchtimes (usually around 12.30pm).

All Friends are welcome to join us for our midweek gathering on Zoom. Several Friends also uphold the meeting quietly from their homes.

Enquiry Meetings Winter 2020-21

Oxford Quaker Meeting is running a fortnightly programme of Enquiry Meetings on Thursday evenings from December to April. These will be online and start at 7.30 with the Zoom room opening at 7 p.m (see below for codes). All are welcome.

Although the meetings are aimed primarily at those who have been attending Quaker meeting for a short period of time ( anything from a few weeks to a few years), they will also be of interest to anyone who wants to think more about what it means to be a Quaker and a member of the Society of Friends.

Sessions will last up to an hour and a quarter and will usually consist of an introduction by a Friend, followed by reflection, discussion and questions. It would be a good idea to have Quaker Faith and Practice available during sessions. If you don’t have a printed copy you can find it online at https://qfp.quaker.org.uk/.

DateTopicIntroduced by…
Dec 3rdQuaker Worship and MinistryUrsula Howard
Dec 17thThe Inner LightJill Green
Jan 7thSocial Action & QuakersRuth Mason
Jan 21stBelief and UncertaintyLis Burch
Feb 4thCare in the Quaker CommunityCarol Saker
Feb 18thQuaker TestimoniesElisabeth Salisbury
March 4thHistory and World QuakersMatthew Gee
March 18thStructures and membershipTas Cooper
April 1stPanel Several Elders

The Zoom codes are: