A local Quaker Meeting is a worshipping community in which we all have a role in keeping the Meeting and its activities functioning. Most jobs within the Meeting are undertaken by a Friend or Friends for a limited term of service—usually three years—meaning that the Meeting often needs to find people to fill posts.

Oxford Meeting has a clerking team for business meetings as well as a number of committees which arrange particular aspects of the Meeting’s work, such as: looking after the building and finances; equipping the library; working with children and young people; and serving and representing the Meeting in a variety of other ways.

The Nominations Committee meets regularly to consider the posts which the Meeting needs to fill as well as to seek, with God’s guidance, the right person for each task. Names are considered prayerfully and tested within the committee.

We try to avoid a situation in which Friends suggest themselves for particular jobs and rely instead on a system which may take a little longer but in which all Friends’ talents and gifts (whether known or unknown, active or latent) are considered in an atmosphere of worship. One of the rewarding aspects of being on the Nominations Committee is the sense of holding the Meeting and all its jobs in the Light while celebrating and upholding the sometimes-unexpected gifts that Friends demonstrate in their service to the Meeting.

The Nominations Committee does not make the appointments but rather forwards suggested names to the regular Business Meeting for appointment.

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Please do consider whether you know anyone who would be willing and able to take on either of these roles. Or, indeed, if you would be interested, please get in touch with any member of the Nominations Committee:

Ursula Howard, Mandy Richards, Dinah Lintott, Becky Riddell, Anthea Richards and Ruth Kim


You are also welcome to put a note in the the Nominations Pigeon Hole.