What do Quakers believe?

The central focus of Quaker spirituality is on our experience. We have no creed and there is no expectation of any particular belief. We do share values and practices that are important to us: in particular our religious practice based on waiting in stillness; listening to each other and to what we call the inner light. We seek to respond to that of God in everyone, although we may have widely differing understandings of what “God” means. Quakers also share a commitment to our testimony to peace, truth, equality, and simplicity. Quaker testimony is not just about holding these values to be important; it is about a way of living our lives and of acting in the world.

Our spiritual experiences are quite diverse. Some have a clear sense of a personal god; others have an intuition of a divine presence that pervades all life, or the universe. Quakers have followed many different religious or spiritual paths, and Oxford Meeting includes Friends who consider themselves Jewish or Muslim, or who maintain their membership of various other Christian denominations.You can find out more in our FAQ ,which includes some short videos, and in Quaker Faith and Practice.

All are welcome at our meetings – we only ask that you are prepared to come and wait in the stillness with us. More information is available about attending a meeting for the first time and about Quaker Weddings and Quaker Funerals.

Oxford Meeting

Ellen Bassani has kindly conducted interviews on the spiritual journeys or stories of members of Oxford Meeting. We include two of them here:

If you enjoyed reading these, Ellen is in the process of putting online more interviews.