Quaker Quest

“Live adventurously! True faith doesn’t turn people away from the world but encourages us all to live better lives within it, enthusiastic to mend it.”

Quaker Quest runs throughout throughout the year in London and elsewhere. In Oxford, it has occurred in 2007, 2009, and in 2011. At present, we have no plans for the next Quaker Quest in Oxford. You may contact us with questions about similar events.

Quaker Quest is a series of independent meetings, each spaced one week apart. The free sessions are especially for the benefit of those wishing to learn about Quakerism. Each includes talks by three guest speakers, discussion in small groups, and thirty minutes of Quaker worship based on silent waiting.

In Oxford, Quaker Quest most recently ran as a series of four 2-hour sessions on Monday nights:

  • Quakers and Silence
  • Quakers and Peace
  • Quakers, God, and Christianity
  • Quaker Faith in Action

Two series of meetings were run; flyers for the events were available in yellow or white (please allow a few seconds to load).