Using our Library

Our Library supports the spiritual and social concerns of the Meeting by acquiring relevant material which might otherwise be hard to obtain.

Take time to learn about other people’s experiences of the Light. Remember the importance of the Bible, the writings of Friends and all writings which reveal the ways of God.

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There is a ledger for recording borrowings (and returns) on the lectern located on top of the cupboard under the window. Please enter details of the item and your own contact information.

All items are available for loan for a 4-week period. Fines are not levied, but readers are asked to return items as soon as they have finished with them.

There is a separate handlist of the Meeting’s antiquarian books which are kept in the Short Room. This list may be read by arrangement with the Librarian.

Additionally, there is a large collection of pamphlets which have not yet been catalogued. They are housed in the filing cabinet beside the cupboard.

Catalogues and Handlists

The card indexes are no longer maintained and updated. The current handlists are kept in a green ring binder beside the borrowings ledger. The catalogue will shortly be available on this library page.

Suggestions, Donations, Etc.

Suggestions for new books or improvements are welcome. Please contact the Librarian about donations. There is little space for growth in the present Library, so the Library Committee may not be able to accept all offerings.