When Do We Meet?

Let meeting for worship nourish your whole life.

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Everyone is welcome to attend a Quaker Meeting for Worship. Meetings take place on Sundays in the Meeting House and on weekdays in the Garden Room. You are also welcome to worship with us via Zoom at these times: for the codes, see Meeting via Zoom below.

Although face coverings are no longer mandatory, please continue to wear yours if you feel safer doing so.

Oxford Meeting gathers on:

  • Sundays:
    • First Sunday of each month:
      10:30-11:30am (followed by tea & coffee)
      12:30-1:30pm: Meeting for Worship for Business
    • All other Sundays:
      9:30-10:15am (followed by tea & coffee)
      11:00am-12:00pm, including children’s meetings (followed by tea & coffee)
  • Tuesdays: 7:30-8.00am (followed by a shared breakfast)
  • Wednesdays: 11:30-12:15pm (followed by tea & coffee; bring a packed lunch if you wish)

In March (or April), October and December the first Sunday of the month is also an all-age meeting, where children and adults worship together for the second half of the Meeting. The Business Meeting then takes place as normal.

Meeting via Zoom

The Zoom codes and telephone numbers are:

Note that the codes for ‘Afterword’ gatherings on Sunday mornings are different: see ‘Afterword’ and other meetings below.

The Zoom room is open during the following periods:

Sunday: both Meetings (also business meetings on 1st Sunday)9:00am onwards
Monday: Young Adult Friends 7:45-9:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday: early Meetings7:00-9:00am
Wednesday: lunchtime Meeting11:15am onwards

‘Afterword’ and other meetings

A separate set of Zoom codes is used for the ‘Afterword’ gathering from 10.15–12.45 on Sundays and for all other meetings, e.g. Poems in the Library. These codes are: